What is an e-Bike?


So, you're interested in a bike?

You’re in the market for a bike, and during your research, you’ve found many different types of bikes, including e-bikes. So, your next question may be, “what is an e-bike?” or “how does an e-bike work?”


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What are electric bicycles?

When people hear about electric bicycles, the first impression they think of is a motorbike. The term “e-bike” is short for “electric bike .” Electric bikes have the same aspect as regular bicycles, pedals, brakes, handles, and tires, but with one twist. Electric bikes have a motor and battery built into certain parts of a bike's frame to assist the rider on a long commute, up a hill, or on other terrains that may require more effort. They are the fundamental parts for all electric bicycles available!

How Do Electric Bikes Work?

An electric bike has a motor housed in 1 of 3 places, front hub, rear hub, or center (referred to as a mid-drive motor powered through cranks). All Voltour's e-bikes come with a rear hub motor. The rear hub motor is an axle-mounted motor that works through the e-bike's chain and gears.

Those who thought of adding electric motors to bikes should receive the award for innovation. Electric bicycles are an easy commuter tool and a way of getting out of the office in an open space. Although the bikes overcome some common challenges inherent in standard cycling, especially when consumed too quickly, there's trouble knowing the terms to describe electric components. The most important factor in selecting a bicycle for electric use is knowing wattage, voltage, and amp hour.

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Another part that plays a huge factor in how an electric bike works are the battery. Nowadays, most electric bikes have batteries installed onto or inside the frame. The battery is the primary source of power for an electric bike.

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Every electric bike comes with different levels of assistance, called pedal assistance. The pedal assistance will usually consist of 5 levels that give a gentle push or a full blast of power to help with different terrains. Some electric bikes will also have a “throttle” mode, providing short bursts of energy to the motor that doesn’t require any pedaling.

What is the point of an electric bike?

How do bike riders benefit? Electric bicycles offer extended range and simple usage, allowing easy transportation without getting sweaty or carrying heavy goods. Electric bikes are not just for young people; older people can also enjoy them. The pedal assist modes with electric bikes make it easier for older and disabled people to take breaks while riding.


Is it worth it to get an ebike?

Ebikes can be more efficient and cheaper than cars and transport. Ebikes can be used for long journeys more easily and efficiently than cars. You don't need to tax your bike to ride it but buying electric motorcycle insurance is an effective option as it is far less expensive than auto insurance.

Are there different types of electric bikes?

Electric bikes come in all styles and colors, Voltour offers four types of electric bikes that will fit anyone's lifestyle: Foldable e-bikes, electric mountain bikes, commuter bikes, and step-thru bikes. An electric bike is a big investment, so it's important to know what factors you should consider when shopping for one, for example, frame styles, battery life, battery voltage, rear or mid-drive motor, top speed, terrain types and size of the motor. Unless you're an e-bike fanatic, most of these factors may not be significant when deciding on your purchase, but with so many bike styles, it can be difficult to decide what works for you. At Voltour, we created a simple ebike quiz to help with your purchasing decision.

Another factor to consider is your state or federal regulations for electric bikes. Some states recognize bikes in 3 classifications depending on the wattage and speed of the electric bike. These classifications also determine where you can ride your electric bike; for example, some national parks do not allow a class 3 bike on their pathways, so it's important for you to check your state regulations before selecting a bike for commuting or anything else.


How do you ride an electric bike?

It’s just like riding a bike with a few differences. The main difference between riding an electric bike and a regular bike is when the rider turns on the motor and selects a pedal assistance level. The higher the pedal assistance, the less effort it takes for the rider to pedal. Another difference is the weight of the e-bike and a regular bike. It may take more effort for a rider to manually pedal an electric bike due to the extra weight from the battery and motor.

What is the range of an electric bike?

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The range for an electric bike varies on many factors, including the size of the battery, weight on the bike, weather conditions, terrain, and level of assistance used for the e-bike. Most electric bikes will reach speeds of 20mph at the highest pedal assist mode, which will also affect the distance you can travel when using the electric bike. All Voltour's electric bikes come with a range of at least 40 miles, depending on how much power you use on the bike's motor.


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